FRED Engineering lands in Djibouti

FRED Engineering was commissioned to carry out a road safety audit of the corridor Djibouti - Galafi, on the border with Ethiopia

A new sub-Saharan country is added to FRED Engineering’s portfolio. FRED has been commissioned to carry out a road safety audit of a section along the corridor linking the port of Djibouti to Galafi, on the border with Ethiopia.

On this occasion FRED is leading a JV in which the Tunisian engineering company BTE is also a member. The project is financed by the World Bank and managed by the Agence Djiboutiènne des Routes.

The audit is part of a project to rehabilitate the most degraded road sections along the Djibouti section of the Djibouti-Guélilé corridor, which also includes the widening of the RN1 road at the entrance to the city of Djibouti. The ultimate aim is to improve regional connectivity between Djibouti and Ethiopia along the Djibouti – Addis Ababa road corridor.

The overall objective of the technical assistance is to carry out, on behalf of the Agence Djiboutiènne des Routes, a road safety audit (RSA) of the southern road corridor (RN1-RN5-RN19). The general goal is to tackle the growing insecurity on the roads, with the result of preserving human lives, in order to contribute effectively to the development of trade through a better level of service.

The services provided include three levels of audits, which are:

  1. RSA of the detailed design, that allows to verify the safety principles at the design stage;
  2. RSA at the pre-opening stage, that allows to verify that the works carried out are not likely to jeopardise the safety of users;
  3. RSA at the early-operation stage, that allows to verify the correct operation of the scheme in real conditions.


The technical assistance also includes road safety awareness-raising activities – through a workshop involving key stakeholders – and capacity-building for the engineers of the Agence Djiboutiènne des Routes.


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