FRED landed in China!

FRED is about to start a very challenging project in the People's Republic of China

We are extremely pleased to report that FRED Engineering has signed its first contract in China.
This is an interesting research project to implement the Safe System Approach in the country. The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). FRED (the only Western company shortlisted) prevailed over competitors from leading Chinese research institutes and this makes us particularly proud.

Technical assistance, which will last until August 2023, will have the following outcome: Safe System-based road safety management improved. The TA will be aligned with the following impact: significant improvement in smart/intelligent, safe, green, and shared transportation development achieved.

TA encompasses three main components:

  1. Implementation plan for the Safe System approach to road safety in China
    • Multisector Safe Systems Action Plan
    • Handbook for Safe Systems Approach in China
  2. Road safety management for commercial vehicles improved
    • Road safety management for commercial motor vehicles
    • Safe System Training (safe system, safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe roads and roadsides, safe road users)
  3. Sharing of findings with the Region Road Safety Forum


This projects marks a huge step forward in the internationalisation of the company and consolidates the presence in Central Asia after two contracts already signed in Mongolia.

FRED Engineering continues on the path outlined in its mission statement to be a leading global company in the field of road safety. Wherever there is a need to reduce road crashes, anywhere in the world, there you will find a FRED team!


Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash


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