FRED shortlisted for an interesting road safety project in the Caribbean

FRED will prepare a proposal for consultancy services concerning a socially inclusive and gender-responsive road safety awareness communications campaign in Saint Lucia

FRED is pleased to inform that it has been shortlisted for an exciting opportunity on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.

It involves consultancy services for a socially inclusive and gender-responsive road safety awareness communications campaign. The project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and is part of the Millennium Highway and West Coast Road project.

Specifically, the consultancy, that is expected to be conducted over a period of approximately twenty months, will:

  1. produce socially inclusive and gender responsive materials and raise road safety awareness of the public via multiple media channels;
  2. emphasize road safety awareness of all road users, women, men, elderly, persons with disabilities, youth and children in particular;
  3. implement measures to make the campaigning process sustainable; and
  4. assess the success of the implemented campaign.


We would like to mention that FRED is already present in the Caribbean where it is carrying out a project with similar characteristics in Antigua and Barbuda. More details are available here.


Photo credit: David Kirsch

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