FRED will deal with motorcycle safety in Medellín

FRED will support the municipality of Medellín, in Colombia, to analyse the factors that influence road crashes in the city, especially those involving motorcyclists.
FRED signed a contract for a consultancy for the identification, analysis and evaluation of measures and actions for the reduction of road crashes and their severity, related to motorcyclists in Medellín, Colombia. The project is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
The scope of the consultancy consists of a combination of procedures to collect existing information, collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative information on site and through workshops, and process the collected data which will be complemented by analysis based on secondary information relevant to the city of Medellín and other benchmark cities. The study will include analyses of driver behaviour aimed at understanding the impact of the human factor and analyses related to vehicles and infrastructure, with the objective of identifying the necessary mitigation measures.
FRED will develop traffic engineering studies focused on motorcycle traffic and its interaction with the rest of the traffic and will study the impact of different mitigation measures on crash rates and severity, through scenario modelling and traffic engineering and road safety analysis.
The methodology will be based on the review of experiences and methodologies related to road operation and safety with emphasis on the behaviour of motorcyclists in Colombia and the incidence of critical factors such as infrastructure conditions, climate, lighting, characteristics of the vehicle, etc.
Finally, FRED will develop the Road Safety Plan for Medellín for motorcyclists as a technical annex of the Integral Vision Zero Plan of the city, proposing priority actions and their respective implementation roadmaps. This plan will be agreed with local stakeholders to promote its implementation.

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