To help authorities, institutions and companies to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries on roads, to develop resilient transport infrastructure, to ensure effective, safe and inclusive mobility systems.

We offer

Specialised consultancy and services on all the aspects concerning road engineering.

We intervene

In anything related to the safety of roads (infrastructure, users, vehicles), their accessibility, and their resilience to climate change.

We rely on

A multidisciplinary, expert team of professionals, researchers and innovators.

We deliver

Hands-on transport infrastructure engineering solutions which are fast, concrete, effective and scientifically consistent.

We work with

Public administrations, development banks, research institutions, businesses and local stakeholders.

We work worldwide

Irrespective of language and cultural aspects, with a special focus on developing countries.

We are a multidisciplinary, experienced team of transport engineering innovators

FRED Engineering is an international consulting firm specialized in transport infrastructure engineering. We contribute to sustainable development through impactful, place-based solutions for transport infrastructure engineering. We rely on a multidisciplinary group of partners, experts and consultants, including civil engineers, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, economists, paramedics, professional trainers and educators, project managers and researchers. We cover all aspects of transport infrastructure engineering through a holistic and sustainable approach.

We stand for a world of safe roads

FRED Engineering envisages a world of safe transport systems for all. The Safe System approach inspires our vision. A world of secure roads, where no serious injury or human death should occur on the network, regardless of human mistakes. We partner with clients, national and local stakeholders to make the right to safe and sustainable mobility a reality for all human beings, in any context. We constantly invest in research and development to enforce our vision at our best.

We ensure resilient transport infrastructures to reduce the negative impacts of climate change

FRED Engineering provides technical assistance and leads R&D projects, covering resilience of transport infrastructures. We design and implement targeted analysis of the impact of climate change in order to design and implement climate resilient investment plans for transport infrastructures. We provide technical assistance, consultancy, training and tools to assess climate change impacts in rural, inter-urban, urban transport infrastructures. Our interventions are realized all over the world. This is made possible by our team members’ variety of professional experience and long-term experience in international consultancy.

We work with national and local actors to develop barrier-free transport infrastructures

FRED Engineering supports governments and institutions to improve transport accessibility for all. We support institutional strengthening, we deliver capacity building programmes, we assist with the preparation of national strategies and action plans and with database creation. We enhance policy and legislation development; we carry out social inclusion assessments in a wide range of countries. Tight cooperation with regional, national and local stakeholders is a distinctive feature of our approach to social inclusion.

We work worldwide, we act locally

FRED Engineering is able to intervene in any context, regardless of local culture, religion and language. FRED Engineering work is based on its well-acknowledged founding partners expertise, supported by a pool of international experts, with a proven track record on the field. The entire team is prepared to travel everywhere in the world. We work closely with our national and local partners, investing in capacity building and stakeholder engagement to deliver sustainable, tailored solutions. The quality of our work is powered by a wide network of clients and partners all over the world, whom we can rely on at any time. We work on the field, tailoring international best practices to meet local needs and circumstances.

Our commitment to impact is anchored in research and innovation

FRED Engineering solutions are developed through a consistent research and innovation approach. We never stop researching efficient methodologies and tools to be implemented in order to generate a wider impact. In doing so, we regularly partner with the most prominent research institutes worldwide. Through research on specific topics and areas and the development of information systems, strategic R&D investment allows us to offer unique solutions. FRED Engineering partners and consultants’ in-depth, long-term experience together with the unique blend of scientific, multidisciplinary background is the guarantee for the highest quality engineering solutions design and delivery. Innovative features and customization characterize our solutions.

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