A new project in Belize

FRED returns to amazing Belize, Central America
FRED Engineering has just signed a contract with the Government of Belize for a 10-month technical assistance. The assistance relates to Traffic Law enforcement and is financed by the Caribbean Development Bank.

The objective of the consultancy is to assist the Department of Transport (DOT) of Belize in strengthening capacity focusing on training of trainers in traffic law enforcement with appropriate pedagogical resources to support effective delivery to other officers, including topics like gender/masculinity, conflict de-escalation, and anger management.

In addition, the FRED team will:

  • assess the current status in adapting the Safe Driving Manual and driver’s licensing tests, (both written and practical), and develop an online test with respect to the Safe Driving Manual;
  • identify 2 or 3 municipalities where the new manual and online test can be implemented;
  • develop a communication plan to promote the manual through social media and the DOT website and the municipality’s websites;
  • develop a Monitoring and Evaluation framework to record feedback from the new users and their progress as new drivers;
  • develop a framework leading to the introduction of a Graduated Driver Licensing Program taking into account the social gendered norms that shape behaviour change in drivers;
  • develop a framework leading to the establishment of a national driving school.


Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

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