FRED Engineering’s presence in Mongolia is consolidated

FRED signed a new contract to improve vehicle speed management in the city of Ulaanbaatar

Activities of a new technical assistance are about to start in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. FRED has just signed a contract with the Municipality of Ulaanbaatar for a consultancy service for the development of a city speed management plan. This technical assistance is part of the Ulaanbaatar Sustainable Urban Transport Project (USUTP) financed by the World Bank.

The plan aims to implement a suitable strategy and relevant speed management measures to effectively reduce road traffic crashes, improve road safety, optimize traffic flow, and promote sustainable and safe urban mobility. The plan will result in a safer and more efficient road network, benefiting all road users in the city.

Preparatory and/or complementary activities for drawing up the plan include, among others, consultations with key stakeholders, institutional assessment, speed and crash data collection and analysis, review of speed limits, analysis of impact of speed management measures, capacity building and training activities.

This is the third contract signed in Mongolia by FRED Engineering. The first one mainly concerned capacity building activities in the field of road safety, while the second one, which is currently being finalised, aims at improving the safety of a mobility corridor and includes activities to raise awareness of road safety issues among the population, with a special focus on school children. Both previous projects were financed by ADB.


Photo by Sane Sodbayar on Unsplash

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