FRED kicks off new project in Argentina

The number of countries in which the FRED team is implementing road safety projects expands
FRED Engineering has just kicked off a new road safety project in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The aim is to improve road safety around six Belgrano Sur railway stations, in the western suburbs of the capital city, as part of a modernization project for the line.
The project, financed by the World Bank through the GRSF, is organized around three main components:
  1. Assessment of impacts on road safety from the implementation of the Belgrano Sur Railway, which aims to estimate what the impact of stations might be on the safety of road users, especially vulnerable road users, in the area of influence of each of them.
  2. Road safety assessment for the areas around the railway stations, the aim of which is to identify road safety concerns and make recommendations that can also serve as a model for similar cases. For this purpose, a practical toolkit will be prepared which will include typical solutions to ensure safer access to stations.
  3. Dissemination activities.

This is the first project that FRED is carrying out in Argentina, consolidating its presence in South America. In particular, it follows a similar project which was successfully completed in autumn 2021 and which aimed to improve road safety around the 15 stations of the new metro in Quito, Ecuador.


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