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The overall objective of the technical assistance was to contribute to the improvement of road safety in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia by carrying out road safety audits and assessments along the 4,000 km Trans-Maghreb highway. The purpose of this assistance was is in line with the national sector strategies and long-term objectives of the three beneficiary countries, as well as the IFIs’ efforts to improve road safety in the Maghreb region.

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The project aimed to identify problematic road design features whose operation may pose a risk to road users for all sections of the Trans-Maghreb highway, whether under design, construction and/or in service, and to recommend realistic, cost-effective and feasible solutions in the country context that could be incorporated into the design or implemented on existing roads to reduce the identified risks and improve safety for all users. Finally, the consultancy included assistance to the EIB to obtain responses from the beneficiaries to each recommendation and, in the case of not acceptance of the recommendations, explanations were required together with possible alternative measures.



Road safety audits and inspections, Road safety risk assessment
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